A relentless specialist consulting, asset management and investment advisory firm in the Eastern European IT sector.

Asatria is an investment and asset management consulting firm that sources, acquires and optimises digital assets on behalf of professional investors. 

We aim to assist our clients in generating superior investment returns using a tailored approach to value creation, and providing unparalleled market access to new opportunities.

Our team is unique in that it consists entirely of experienced industry executives with a track record of advising, building and managing digital projects. 

Asatria’s network provides privileged access to industry experts, business owners and active investors. We possess an unparalleled capability to spot and capitalise on emerging opportunities in highly-lucrative Eastern European markets.

To instil. To nurture. To fulfil dreams.

Our journey starts with the mission, it declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh up our actions and the decisions we take. 

We recognise endless potential in all of us and inspire to instil confidence and provide guidance in order to help people fulfil their dreams. The aspirations and dreams of our partners, investors, customers and employees are the core of our existence. 

Our mission demands from us that we be a great company for our people as the most admired place to work. Our success will hinge upon personal and professional achievements of our employees and their concerted efforts as a team which shares common values.


Professional integrity

Above everything we value the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.


Longterm partnership

Investing in lasting relationship based on trust and openness is as equal to us as investing in business. 


Humble spirit

Through humility we learn to listen, accept different viewpoints and, ultimately, to grow professionally.