Investing in Eastern Europe?

We pride ourselves in having unique access to a network of highly dynamic and lucrative Eastern European IT businesses that are open to new opportunities. We keep the fast growing IT sector on our radar and provide investors with the necessary insight, due diligence and advisory throughout their journey. 


Expanding your business into Eastern Europe?

Have the market research, know the sales potential, possess the top list of contacts in your industry and know the customary 'ins' and 'outs' of doing business first. Establish the proper legal structure and recruit your key people to jump start. We’re always there for you, playing on your team.


Need help finding the right partner?

Guided by unwavering moral and ethical values our team of C-level industry veterans boast a unique and trusted network of companies to propose the right partner for you. Our goal is to ultimately invest in a long-term relationship, which is primary testimony of our conviction in the advice that we provide. 


Deal sourcing and origination

We facilitate access to a range of Eastern European IT investment opportunities identified to meet the individual needs of our clients.

We do this by drawing on a depth of local market insight and an extensive network of business owners, agents and principal investors.

Our aim is to source assets of a predominantly off-market nature, which are hand-picked on a case-by-case basis to ensure they meet our clients specific investment requirements. 


M&A advisory

Working in line with the strategic objectives of each client, we appraise opportunities using a top-down and bottom-up methodology. This ensures that the appropriate level of ‘early stage’ due diligence is carried out in order to assess the impact of key asset level and market factors.

Our advice is supported by detailed appraisal and financial modelling, and quantified within a “fair pricing” tolerance and anticipated deal level.

We devise the most suitable purchase strategy on a case by case basis, and progress transactions with a view to delivering on a one-on-one basis where possible.



We help our partners to grow business by providing unrivalled insight into new markets, products and emerging opportunities.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist consulting services for the Eastern European IT sector delivered by a team of experienced industry executives

Asatria is the only firm to provide both genuine scale and industry specialisation, resulting in a superior service for any type of client or situation. Our primary consulting specialisation is to help clients enter new markets via robust strategy development and execution support, including strategic business development services.

IT r&d / software / hardware

IT r&d / software / hardware

IT r&d / software / hardware


Eastern Europe is home to the world’s most digitally enabled nations, offering a unique combination of talent, environment and innovation. Our IT R&D ecosystem enjoys global proof of concept, being trusted by global organisations.


IT r&d / software / hardware

IT r&d / software / hardware


Some of the Eastern European countries are already cashless societies  with over 99% of financial transactions occurring digitally. Electronic ID and Blockchain are widely used in Fintech applications. 

Electronics & mechatronics

IT r&d / software / hardware

Electronics & mechatronics


With a highly-qualified workforce and strengths in engineering, electronics and IT, Eastern Europe is at the cutting edge of R&D, production and service for mechatronic solutions with embedded software.


Industrial R&D

Electronics & mechatronics


World-class technical skills supported by practical experience implementing public and permissioned Blockchain’s place Eastern Europe at the forefront of the emerging Blockchain economy.

Industrial R&D

Industrial R&D

Industrial R&D


Eastern Europe has a collaborative ecosystem for Industrial R&D including academia, accelerators and competence centres. The region is emerging as the ideal location for Industrial product and technology R&D.


Industrial R&D

Industrial R&D


Eastern Europe is an emerging hub for global e-commerce activity. World-class IT skills have created numerous e-commerce applications and are supported by leadership positions in enablers such as online trust, payments and digital logistics.